Eufy siren please

Please Eufy make an external siren! I would buy this as soon as it would be released. The current internal siren of the Hombase is a joke


Amen! I’ve said this many times and to Eufy customer service as well. I live in a larger house and can’t even hear the alarm in my basement, much less when in a deep sleep. I had to move my HB right next to bed to ensure it will wake me up. It’s pitiful. The siren needs to be way louder or they need to make a small external device that you can install in various areas of the house.


I’m currently looking fur a new alarm system. Already have the cameras, plus have introduced them to our sailing club, who also use the door contacts, but the lack of an external siren has put me right off the Eufy alarm and aim now looking elsewhere. If the external siren existed I would have already bought the whole system!