Eufy setup: extremely buggy

I purchased and set up Eufy Homebase 2 and 2 cameras. All was working well, and I was enjoying the app. Then, I made the mistake of attempting to setup the devices in Apple HomeKit. The setup process told me the devices need to be reset. While annoying, I figured it shouldn’t take too long to re-setup the system. It’s now been 3 days of constantly attempting to setup this system, with the nightmare message “Unable to Connect Homebase 2” with no real support in any other way. I’ve tried resetting the Homebase, I’ve done power cycles, resetting my router, my switch, everything - over 100 attempts and Eufy provides 0 real support… “check your internet” is the best they can do. The system was already setup! It’s not my internet, it’s your crappy software/setup process!

In my case, changing the phone operator , I solved the problem, it look amazing but…,
I only have a telephone data card 4G