Eufy security spaceview baby monitor – review

Obviously we are way past the point of needing a video baby monitor in our house so this eufy Security SpaceView baby monitor review is a guest post from my friend Lucy. Lucy is married to one of my very best friends and I’m godmother to both of their children. You can find her over on facebook , instagram and her blog Little Lifts where she writes about baby wearing and motherhood.

Over to Lucy:

Why did we need a video baby monitor?

We have recently expanded our brood, with the addition of our beautiful daughter Delilah. Going from one child under three to two, has been, let’s say, eye opening. As we slowly adapted to a second round of sleepless nights, smooshy cuddles and really tiny clothes, we started to think on a more practical level. With a toddler, comes movement and freedom and with Cass no longer ‘sleeping’ in a cot, but in a ‘big boy bed,’ we started to notice how much he moved during the night. The usual banging and clattering that we heard down the baby monitor regularly had us dashing upstairs, to discover he was still soundly asleep, just upside down. This sudden development of midnight gymnastics, combined with the addition of an extra baby in the room, meant that we needed a better way of keeping an eye on the little darlings as they slept.

The eufy Security SpaceView is super simple to set up

As a parent of two small children what I look for in anything, is simplicity, no fuss and speed. I was really excited to receive our new eufy, Security SpaceView, but if I am honest I was extremely nervous about trying to set up a new gadget in the middle of trying to wrangle two kids. I have not slept in approximately four years, so not only did I not really have the time for reading instruction manuals and tuning in walkie talkies to the correct frequency, I did not feel that I possessed the mental capabilities either. I also remember the last baby monitor set up requiring a lot of googling and messing around with dials, buttons and wires, so my confidence had been somewhat knocked. I was pleasantly surprised. What first amazed me about the eufy Security SpaceView , is the extremely smart packaging. A well thought out, compact, neat little box. The packaging is simple and bold with everything neatly packed inside.

The monitor itself is a 5” crystal clear screen, that connects with the attractive wide angled lens. The product looks good and the picture on the monitor is absolutely fantastic. After emptying the contents of the box, I was surprised to find out just how simple it was to put the eufy video monitor together. It was so easy, just a matter of plugging it in, no fuss, no novel of an instruction manual to pore over, just quick and simple. It was, quite frankly, a dream. The controls on the monitor are just as straight forward to understand.

This video baby monitor is packed with features

The eufy baby monitor boasts two way voice control, so you can either scare the little monkeys back to sleep or sing them a lullaby, as well as a zoom and movement function for the lens. The range of movement in the lens is outstanding, with a 360° coverage the camera can be positioned practically anywhere. The eufy also allows you to add additional lenses to the same monitor, in case you require more than one lens, or have particularly energetic sleepers. The menu allows you to adjust the brightness of the monitor, activate screen sleep or movement mode, as well as view the time and temperature. The night vision capabilities of the lens are unbelievable, even with very little light the picture is fantastically clear. The lens needs a constant power source to function, but the monitor can be charged in order to keep it with you if you are to move rooms.

Would we recommend this baby monitor?

The eufy has restored my faith in products made for parents, it is clear that a lot of thought and research has gone into this product. It is extremely user friendly and the quality is absolutely unbelievable. It is reliable, robust and so easy to set up. If you are looking for a baby monitor that can be assembled at bedtime with two small children, gives you crystal clear images, looks fantastic, is extremely user friendly and reliable, then the eufy is for you! I cannot recommend this product enough.

The eufy Security SpaceView baby monitor has finally been launched in the UK and is available at £159.99 from Amazon

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