Eufy Security Smart Lock - Release Date?

When will Eufy Security Smart Lock be released? We saw earlier report of this smart Lock back in 2019, and still not seen any dates.

Would be good to know the date as this is something many are interested in.


eufy Security Smart Lock Installation Video –


Yep I’m interested in this too…

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This is a product I’m interested in.

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I would buy two of these.

…Curious about how you get this picture, but it will be released soon! Please look forward!

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There is a user on anker community caller “insider”. He always finds leaked specs and pictures of upcoming releases and shares them with the community.

Pretty sure this specific product was featured at CES though :thinking:

Insider always seems to have pictures.

Google search is your friend :grin:

@ndalby you nailed it…

@Mengdi I got the specific pic from Bing Image Search :innocent:

Here is a video posted on Anker Community from Youtube ( reference post from Insider)