Eufy security - Services Status Page

Recently, Eufy Security services have suffered outages, with lot of users reporting issues for the eufy security products on Anker community as well as eufy security community, some reaching out to social media.

I have an input for eufy Security team. With eufy launching and focusing heavily on security, eufy should have a status page showing the status of eufy services , and possibly become part of the community.

Below are visualization of how the status pages should / could look like

Status Page for Ideal Condition - All Services working !! :slight_smile: :white_check_mark:

Status Page for Degraded Services :o:

Share your thoughts / opinion

  • Eufy Security Should have a Service Status Page
  • Follow current process of updates on emails / community

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We shouldn’t have to rely on their server uptime to begin with. They need to remove themselves from the equation.


We should definitely have a service status page!

I would agree more with @Haadsecure. This server dependency can really affect the realiability of the system. Having a status page can be used in two ways one by users and by criminals alike. If the criminal is able to see how your security system is doing at that time … what then.

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Agree with this as well👍

But could they do it if they wanted to?

Very valid Point!! :ok_hand:

It is better to be informed of outage than to get surprised :slight_smile: It may be used by criminals but it also gives you a heads-up and give you some notification of you needing to secure yourself as much as possible

Status is down on indoor cameras