Eufy Security Home Drone + Outdoor capability’s

Look at this amazing product! :grinning:. It a security drone with a camera that flies around for surveillance. Eufy should make a flying drone like this too, but better: give it outdoor capabilities!


I would love to get something like this

I would be happy with simple stuff first. Like the correct font on its outdoor cameras. Easy stuff.

Upvoting this topic - if Eufy is interested in getting into the drone market for outdoor home security I would support this whole heartedly

I need this!

I think an indoor drone is pretty useless in my opinion at least how ring is making theirs. Rings drone only has a flight time of 5 mins, cant go up or downstairs, and the fan speed is as loud as a vacuum… um ya I think this product will flop. Im all for an outdoor drone to monitor your property. Wouldnt it be insane if you could use the smart drop box for the outdoor docking station? Im sure for manual flight and control wouldnt be too hard its the automatic flight and patrol that would be difficult I mean it would have to have some pretty advanced sensors to detect high winds to avoid being damaged in a storm, the ability to not run into trees or buildings, being smart enough to stay in the desired zone of your property so it doesnt go wandering off etc. We are probably at least 10-15 years from this becoming a reality. Ring releasing an indoor surveillance drone does give me hope though. Edit**. Looks like an outdoor surveillance drone already exists called the sunflower by sunflower labs but its insanely expensive.