Eufy Security authentication email

Hi eufy Support,

I originally made a post over at but no one knew the answer, so I waited until I experienced the issue again and post over here. It has been 20 minutes since I requested an auth code so I can sign in on the web browser on my PC. Is there an issue with eufy servers/network in providing this email on certain evenings?

There is nothing wrong with my emails as they are working fine.

Email came through but took 1 hour. Would like to know what the hold up is?

Waiting for another and so far waited 15 minutes. These emails become useless as the code expires by the time they come through. How about having an option to remember/allow the browser so that it does not require a code every time?

Eufy, are your servers overloaded? Do some services need to be restarted? Are your servers/network under spec’d? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They might have fixed it, but I got my code within seconds of logging in.

If you’re still having an issue it might be your email host delaying the email.

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I’ll carrying keeping an eye on it. I’ve not had any issues with emails when I was waiting for the eufy auth emails. Had tested emails are being received and not delayed from other services including auth emails from other companies (I have MFA enabled on almost all of my online presence :sunglasses:).