Eufy Security App Family & Guests Accessible Features

I have recently set up my wife on the Eufy Video Doorbell successfully with Family & Guests. Have noticed that when viewing the video on my phone (initial setup) I have 3 icons at the top right of the video window–bell, TV (rectangle) and gear. On her phone the TV icon is missing so she cannot see any recent events. However, I can. Is there anyway to “unlock” this feature for another person you are sharing the doorbell with? My understanding is that selecting “Admin” allows the other person access to ALL features. Any help is greatly appreciated.

If she goes to the Events icon at the bottom of the app, she should be able to view all events.

I have the same problem. I am not getting any notifications when someone is at the door. Only the Admin can view them. I went to events on bottom of page and nothing is there.

Notifications work for either Guests or admin. I have two Guest accounts that receive notifications and can view events just fine. I am using the latest Android verion of the app 2.4.0_817.

The one issue that may be present in the Guest account is that once you create the Guest account, new devices added to the main account have to be added manually. If new devices were addded after the Guest account was created, they won’t show in the Guest account list of devices and need to bee added manually to the Guest account. This will cause notifications and events for the missing devices to not show until they are added to the account.

Check that the Guest account and Admin accounts all have the same device list. If they don’t, go to the original account and use the Manage Shared Devices to add the missing devices to your Guest account.

This isn’t a bug. Guest accounts are designed so that an Admin or original account user can limit the devices seen by the Guest to a subset of the devices on the account.

Thanks pysailr, not sure I understand this since I use a iPhone. My eufy app has “Family & Guests” and not “Managed Share Devices”. However I am assuming they are the same. If they are synonymous then my wife shows up and is sharing the same device–we only have the one doorbell. Her permissions are “Admin” which should give her full access. In addition as stated before when I open the app I have a video screen showing the front door and porch. Three icons appear at the top of that viewport on the right side. They are: 1. Doorbell icon with letter “Z” in it; Rectangle with number showing videos recorded; 3. Gear icon. On my wife’s app the rectangle icon is missing. She cannot see any video other than the one that is transpiring at the time of notification. In other words she cannot review any videos recorded. I would assume that if she has full access as an admin she’d have a mirror of everything I see.

Pysailr, I was reading this thread on my phone and missed one of your responses. I believe this did it for me. Not clear why it could not mirror the first device, icon still missing. I think the app and the events could to be tweaked in a couple of areas. Thanks again, I’ll mark this as sort of solved :slight_smile:

@gary.k Looks like the original account admin has an icon that others don’t in Android. The rectangle for Events shows up next to the gear icon in my original account but not for any other Admin or Guest accounts. It shouldn’t be a big deal, becasue you can see the same thing by going to the bottom of the app and selecting Events. I guess it’s an easy visual way to tell which admin account you are currently signed into if you have more than one. Maybe there is some future purpose for the icon that hasn’t been implemented yet.

IOS app does the same thing. I have the notifications icons but my GF who is an Admin does not.