EUFY Security and my Wife!

I can no longer convince my wife that Eufy Security was a good choice. I have a feeling we will be moving on at some point in time. Don’t get me wrong I can’t convince myself either. :frowning:


What are your reasons?

I would say the main reason is that motion detection is not consistent. Our reason to have them was to know if something was there. When we walk out and they detect one day, but not the next then there is a problem. Next would be that I think they know stuff is messed up that they advertise as a selling point, but can’t seem to fix. Next would be in the short 1.5 months of having them I have seen 1 firmware update where they messed up something working and have yet to fix (whiteout on first part of some videos/live feeds) and 2 software updates where they appear to fix nothing. I will give them the “notch” fix on pixel devices. They are more of a headache at this point.

Wired doorbell, 3-Cam2 and a Homebase 2.

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Don’t know if this applies but I have a 2C set with a base and I had an occasion to test the wifi verses ethernet connect on the home base. Serious difference when I had it wired with ethernet verses wifi in areas of notification response time and number of notifications when an even occurred. Could be my mesh wifi settings but for now I’m sticking with the ethernet version.