Eufy Security Alarm System—Your One-Stop Solution for a Safe and Secure Home

We’re proud to announce the arrival of our brand new eufy Security Alarm System. Everything you need to protect your family and home can be found in this one convenient package, including HomeBase, a keypad, 2 entry sensors, and a motion sensor.

Install in minutes all by yourself. The motion and entry sensors will alert you when an intruder is detected, either by sounding HomeBase’s alarm or sending you a notification via the eufy Security App.

All components feature long-life batteries, and the entire system links with eufyCam 2/2C so you can continue to expand your home security. What’s more, there are no hidden fees or costs.

Purchase Link:5-Piece Home Alarm Kit - eufy

eufy Security Team


If I can buy door sensors for the Cam 2c, what does this system add extra? And why do we need to buy yet another base station?

If you already have the eufy security kits, you can just buy the sensor.

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Hi. Where to buy the motion sensors in Europe? I cannot find it anywhere?

BR Chris

We will launch this product in Europe soon, please look forward!


That’s great news!

And the keypad etc separately?

UK release date?