Eufy Security 360 Night Vision Lights

Hello everybody,

I have just bought eufy Security 360 camera.
But I have a problem about night vision lights near the camera lens.
Red lights are active when the camera turns night vission mode. And my baby is watching these lights and not sleeping.

Is there any solution to off these lights?

I was using Xiaomi home security camera. It has also night vission feature, but there was no any indicator on it.

Thank you.


Your baby will get used to them.

So, no way to close it?

The red lights are 850nm infrared LEDs and provide the camera the light it needs to record in the dark. If you were to cover them the camera would no longer record any preceivable image.
However if you believe it is a serious issue and the child doesn’t get used to it you could cover them but you would need to a secondary source of light. The light could be placed low i.e floor level and aimed in the direction the camera is directed. You can find them on Amazon for 15-30$ usd. Such as this one that only requires a 12v dc source with a standard 5mm barrel plug. If you don’t have any laying around Goodwill is sure to have them for like 2.50$. (remove the space after www)
CMVision IR3 WideAngle 60-80 Degree 3pc Power LED IR Array Illuminator https://www