Eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt keeps freezing when watching live

Camera keep freezing when watching live it all started last week. I already tried everything - resetting the camera, removing and adding the cam back to my phone, formatting microSD card, restarting internet, changing power cord (EVERYTHING) had the cam for 2 months now and never had a problem.

  • I’m using and iPhone as my watching device
  • 1gb internet
  • Cam System version

Camera works fine meaning it does everything else but freezes when watching live. I got to download the clips to be able to watch them without any problems.

Yea I’m having the same problem really would like to have a fix for this.

Where is Eufy support on this?
This is my first security camera.

Most of the time as soon as I pan/tilt the app says “preparing to play” before timing out.
The cam is useless for my purposes if pan/tilt feature broken like this.

My firmware and app are up to date.

Also having the same issues and I use mine as a baby monitor :weary::weary:

probably Eufy server issue.
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