Eufy S330 slow to trigger on vehicles passing by in from of my house

eufy S330 security cameras are slow to trigger on vehicles passing by in from of my garage. I’m used to my blink mini camera, and it triggers before the car is even seen yet in front of my garage and shows from start to finish, but eufy shows the car just before passing halfway already by my front garage. Can this be fixed, or can I use an outdoor motion detector more powerful than this expensive camera has on board?

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I don’t know how the blink mini works…. But you said before I can see the vehicle. This tells me it’s wired with a pre roll . Completely different motion sensing tech than a battery camera.

The PIR sensor uses heat to detect motion…. And vehicles are harder to detect. Especially newer electric models that run cold. PIR sensors are also very picky about the direction that “heat” travels. Hot car with hot brakes on a cool day ( going the right direction) can be detected 50 ft no problem. Cold car with their warm passengers hidden behind a glass shield… it might not pick it up at all… at any distance. Also…. It takes a bit for the camera to wake up after sensing motion so it will always be slower ( and it doesn’t record the video before the motion even happens like a pre roll camera )

Eufy has wired outdoor cams that don’t use PIR. They even do the pre roll and 24/7 recording.

You could also try to trigger that camera early using another device thru automation. You could use another camera to do this…. Or Eufy sells motion detectors… but unfortunately they are not waterproof. Also… this method is unrefined in their software…. Almost an afterthought. It works… just not how I would like it.

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