Eufy Product Line

Why is this product line designed in such a half hazard manner? Cameras that work with homebase, cameras that work with homebase 2, cameras that don’t work with any homebase. Cameras that support RTSP, cameras that don’t. Homebase Homebase 2. Cameras with 1080p, 2k, etc etc etc

I understand the evolution of technology, I’m 57 years old. But what I don’t understand is this creating a product line with feature sets that just tick off the user base.

I bought a pan and tilt, will never work with homebase 2
a eufy cam will never work with homebase 2
a wired doorbell pro will never work with homebase 2
what keeps me from just going elsewhere with my consumer dollars. I’m all for you adding to your product line but I will never understand this mash of products and features.

I want
2-4 cameras inside
2 exterior lights
a doorbell
entry alarms
motion sensors
2k or higher
work with homebase 2 and RTSP
are integrated in a manner that makes some sense in the app or allows me to manage as a collective

Without going broke in the process…

Here’s an example. Why would you even recommend these together since the doorbell here doesn’t work with the homebase presented (or any homebase)

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