Eufy Pan/Tilt and Echo Show


i have a few question on the Eufy Pan/Tilt cam and the Amazon Echo Show:

  1. How do i prevent the Show to go back to its startscreen after a few minutes?
  2. How do i control pan/tilt on the Echo? I can zoom a bit but i cannot move the cam.
  3. Is it normal that i have a lag of 30-45 seconds?

I don’t think you can view for long times.
I don’t think you can control the camera via the Show.
Mine was 22 seconds video lag although sound was almost instant.

Had the same issues with the Reolink indoor cameras and the Alexa integration, although only around 8 sec lag for that.

I imagine the issue is that Alexa has to go via the Eufy servers before it goes to the camera, all in all its poor and I expected much better as I ordered a show 5 for the office, another for the bedroom and a Show 8 for the lounge so I could see live footage.