Eufy NVR for standard POE cameras

I would like to see Eufy sell their own POE NVR (8 ports with 3 TB storage or 16 ports with 6 TB storage) that works with industry standard POE cameras via RTSP and ONVIF up to 4K images. Allow the NVR to work securely with Home Base 2. All under one Eufy app!

Eufy customers can then take advantage of legacy POE cameras they already have or the fast array of wired POE options available. A very open system with all the flexibility of Eufy wireless cameras, doorbell, and more… with all the advantages of wired POE 24x7 recording capabilities. For example I really want to use the 12 MP Reolink cameras to cover 24x7 recording of areas of my yard with greater resolution than anything Eufy will likely have. I also don’t want to have a separate app to access recordings, alerts, etc. Eufy wireless camera are great for being able to place anywhere and trigger on motion. The 2K pro has a nice image and wide angle of view, but the motion will only activate in a much smaller area than the camera con cover, thus not recoding events for larger coverage area. And of course none of the Eufy cameras record 24x7 even when plugged in to power.