Eufy Notifications via Alexa Echo's

I have multiple Eufy cameras, however when they detect something and I don’t have my phone near me I don’t know about it until I check my notifications on my phone. I have multiple Alexa Echo’s in my house. I would like it when an Eufy camera detects something to have a notification occur from my Echo. I would hope that it could operate just like a reminder or an appointment in my calendar. When a reminder is set it automatically plays on my Echo device.


I agree. Wyze cams have “Person detected announcement” from Alexa. I have the 2K indoor cam and it’s one of the features keeping me from switching over to Eufy. I’m impressed with my 2k indoor cam so far, and I have only had it for about a week. A few more improvements, and I would switch.

+1 its these small features which really improves the experience for customers.

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I agree. My in laws Ring cameras send notifications thru their Echo dot. Saying “motion detected at front” etc. Only time alexa says anything is if some rings the doorbell.

+1 on announcing notifications for movement or sound. It would also be nice if the echo dot and echo show had an option for continuous playing of the sound and/or video display. I use the indoor cam as a baby moitor.