Eufy Limits MicroSD Capacity To 128gb

Suddenly home base does not support microSD with more than 128gb. I have had no issues with the 256gb for over a year. Have had work done on home which set off motion detect quite a bit. Seems coincidental that Eufy changed my capacity at about the same time. Strong arming customers to use cloud which I found to be a waste of money when I did try it. Will no longer buy products with Eufy.

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The advertised capacity for Homebase and Homebase E have always been 128 Gb. If you got more out of yours it was a fluke. Since the card memory gets overwritten when it’s full, I don’t know why you think this would push someone toward the cloud storage.

Their cloud plan is just the bare minimum complete with all the other players in the market, so I don’t see very many people seriously considering it.

Have you tried formatting the card within the eufy program.