Eufy kept me aware!

Last year’s COVID outbreak caused many job sites for the company that my husband works for to slow down. This made it hard for him to stay in town. I knew that he’d be out for weeks at a time and I told him that I’d feel better if we got some kind of security camera for the house. So the Sunday before he left we stayed up until 1:00 AM installing them. I was able to leave my 16 year old at home to babysit my boys and for my 14 year old to help. Anyhow, since they were there I figured at 9:00 AM there shouldn’t be too much going on and that I’d get an alert if someone came to the door with my new spiffy doorbell camera. Well, mid workout I get an alert with cops holding guns yelling at someone ON MY FRONT YARD! I was so scared. I was able to immediately leave and tend to my family! My daughter called me scared and crying telling me that someone came banging in window, yelling. I kept her on the phone the whole way and asked where my 14 year old was. She told me she couldn’t run up and get her because she was asleep and that she had to get the boys and hide. Once everything settled a little I went up stairs and my daughter had slept through the whole darn thing! I recorded her asleep and decided to make a video just to pick on her! Had it not been for my eufy doorbell camera I would’ve been completely lost as to what was going on at my home. We went out that weekend and got a backyard camera and everything has been working wonderfully. I’d love to add the videos if it’s possible! It wouldn’t let me add it.