Eufy indoor camera 2K AUTO-DELETE?

So I purchased 2x indoor 2K Eufy cameras and installed the sd-cards in. Now if if I set the cameras on continuous recording, will it auto delete when the card is full ? If not is there a way to set it so it does it ? Also if I have a hard drive plugged into my router is there any way I can use that as storage at all ?

Thank you

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The camera writes over the oldest files when it is full and continues recording.

And that is definitely for the indoor one with SD card and not the homebase 2 ones ? Cheers

Yes, I have the indoor 2k with an sd card. I just let it record without deleting any files. It overwrites the oldest files with new files.

The indoor cams will all overwrite the oldest files when their cards get full. This will happen until the card is worn out.

One hint: The smaller the card, the quicker they will become worn out because they overwrite more often. Buy the best high quality card and get the biggest you can afford and they will last a long time. I have 128 GB Samsung in mine.

You can’t use you router hard drive to save your files because they are encrypted and not viewable without the key, which is provided by the app.

You could manually download them to the EufyVideoDir and then transfer them to the router drive, but that’s a lot of work.

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