Eufy homebase 3 is not recording events not sending notifications

I have a Homebase 3 for nearly a year. I have about 11 outdoor cameras and 3 solo cameras that also report to the same account. Since this Nov 3 (2023) A couple days ago I noticed that no notification no event is recorded in homebase.

Homebase was working with the in-build memory 16G and in the first days of October I plug a 2T SSD. Everything worked well, I also add the Nov 3 a smartlock and it was working well… it is maybe coincided that the same day homebase stopped working for events perhaps? I also noticed that my SSD was 100% available when it was already some use… Also i noticed that evens previous to Nov 3 cannot be accessed because it says they were removed. I restarted homebase and then i shows 94% available but nothing is recorded and some minutes later it back to 100% available. I already format the SSD again, and it does not work.

I also turnoff all my devices, and after restarting, all camaras started to send notification (i walk around the house)… but once again, they stopped after some minutes (maybe an hour).

I finally decided to remove the smartlock since it was added the same day that homebase stop recording things… But no lock… I notice that is restart homebase, it says that the SSD is used at 94%… but soon enough, it back to 100% available.

Help here? anyone with the same issue. I am very invested in Eufy, and it will be so desapointed i need to change to a new system that is mroe reliable… to many cameras and sensor already. I hope this can be fix soon

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I don’t have any help to offer, except for you should contact eufy support before your warranty expires… devices have a 12-month warranty… In the event you need a replacement homebase3 you will have a support ticket on file.

Since connecting my floodlight cameras to Homebase 3 they stopped recording. All other devices that were already connected to Homebase 3 are still working correctly.

Got the same issue. Ill try resetting everything and see if that helps

I have exactly the same issue, and had it before. Back in June Eufy sent a firmware that disabled all recording. They eventually admitted it was their fault, but took them 6 weeks to resolve the issue. Then on the 4th Oct I added a new S350 camera and the HB3 updated to firmware This once again trashed the recording and notifications. I have had numerous email back and forwards with support and they refuse to accept their new firmware has caused this, they refuse to honour warranty as I didn’t purchase it direct from them, and they eventually tell me the HB3 is faulty, which is Bllsht! Just palm you off. No way is my HB3 faulty as it happened in June and they acknowledged it was their issue, and not only in this thread, but there are threads on Reddit of people with similar issues. Their products are great, but their software development team in charge of updates are amateurish at best, Who sends out firmware’s with bugs that go unresolved for several weeks at a time. These are security devices and as such Eufy have one again left my home unprotected for a second time for almost 2 months.How unprofessional is that! I’ve had Ring and more recently Ubiquiti camera on my house. Zero issues with either over a 4 year period!

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I’m having the same issue. Rebooting the Homebase fixes the issue but it comes right back a few days later.

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I have the same issues. All 3 cameras connect with this HB3 are not recorded. I thought my camera broken and I connected to other homebase which is further away distance compared to HM3 still recorded perfectly fine!!

I contacted Eufy, they told me all BS things like HB is too far away from cameras, too many walls blah blah. But my HB 1 works perfectly fine with those walls!!

Their products just going downwards and so disappointing!!

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Verify that your Homebase has enough storage space to store events. If the SSD is showing 100% availability even after formatting, there might be an issue.

Confirm that the SSD is properly connected to the Homebase and that there are no loose connections.
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I noticed almost all of my wired and battery cameras that are paired with my HomeBase 3 have stopped recording. I first noticed this Feb 7, 2023. I don’t believe this is an issue with my settings because all of these cameras have the video recording and notifications toggled on. Also, all of my cameras are current with the firmware updates. I don’t believe it’s a problem with my wifi because all my other apps are working just fine. Is anyone else currently having this problem? Can Eufy address this issue?

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Same issue here. Homebase 3, various cameras working then no recording. As if the cameras don’t recognize the storage anymore in the homebase.

There must be a bug they need to address but I don’t see any official response or update.

Did those steps.

Based on the sheer number of reports Eufy needs to dig into this, there is a problem.

I’ve also noticed the storage glitch. My Homebase 3 has the standard 16 GB internal storage, plus a 1TB added hard drive, plus a flash drive. I have quite a few stored events that I can readily retrieve. So I know they must be stored in one or more of these locations, but still all of my storage is shown as being available.

Oops, typo on the date in my original post. It should have read February 7, 2024

For me, this was apparently the precise problem: HB3 storage wasn’t recognizing events because its storage was substantially full. Since I replaced the 1TB hard drive, recordings and notifications are once again working properly.

I didn’t initially think of this as a solution because 1) my storage was not showing reduced capacity (others have complained about this problem as well) and 2) Eufy Support offered me several complicated suggestions for possible remedies, none of my inquiries having elicited a response from Eufy to check my HB3 storage capacity.

Clarifying explanation: I recently added a floodlight camera that has an automatic 24/7 record feature. 24/7 recording is a great feature, but I believe this is why my 1TB hard drive maxed out so quickly, and I don’t believe the 24/7 feature can be deactivated on this particular camera. In the future I’ll be deleting these 24/7 clips on a regular basis to conserve storage space, and I’ll keep a spare hard drive on hand for my HB3.

I suddenly started having the same exact issue. None of the 4 cameras connected to the Homebase are recording or push notifying anymore. I rebooted it yesterday and that fixed it for 1 day. Rebooted again today to no effect. I saw that reformatting the hard drive might help, and yep, it did. It started sending me push notifications even while it was still formatting. It seems to be working fine again, so hopefully it’ll stay that way.

Well, I spoke too soon. Reformatting the hard drive only fixed it for about 5 minutes, probably because it make the unit reboot. I just tried swapping out the hard drive for a different one, but I have my doubts if that’ll help.

Hello -
Logging the same issue for me here. At first, I thought it is my hard drive that’s getting full and maybe it’s a bug with the software not able to delete old recordings. What I have been doing lately was to manually remove old recordings from the oldest to newer, and then when storage capacity returns to some 15% of available space, I restarted my HB3.

I have a 500GB hard drive. Since it is fairly full, about 85%+, I have to keep going back to delete old recordings and restart the HB3.

It has been 5 days since I replaced the hard drive and everything has been working fine. So, I think in my case there was a problem with the old hard drive that formatting couldn’t fix, but replacing it did.

Do we need High Endurance drives ?
Which brand?

I’d think the bigger the drive the better since SSD’s fail when the same sector has been written to too many times, so the larger the drive the less each sector will get hit. That being said, I have a 2TB drive in mine and only like 5% of it was used up, so mine failed from something other than being written to too many times.