Eufy Homebase 2 - doesn't connect to WiFi SSIDs containing certain non-alphanumeric characters

For anyone struggling for hours with this I found that Eufy Homebase 2 does not work over Wifi if your SSID contains an underscore (_). It probably also doesn’t work with SSIDs containing other non-alphanumeric characters either. I tested this by setting up 2 identically configured SSIDs on my network:

  1. One with an underscore
  2. One without an underscore

After entering the password for each network, and then disconnecting the ethernet cable, the Homebase speaker says “Switching from ethernet to wifi” and then claims “Wifi network successfully connected”. However this is what actually happens:
Case 1) Homebase does not actually successfully connect and the LED become solid red (not solid blue). You can’t then view any video from the Eufy doorbell
Case 2) Homebase does successfully connect to the Wifi network and LED becomes solid blue. Doorbell video streams without issues.

Anker/Eufy really should fix this, or at the very minimum avoid wasting hours of everyone’s time by printing a obvious warning in the App so like: “Sorry, but at this time Eufy cannot connect to SSIDs containing non-alphanumeric characters. The list of available SSIDs has been filtered to exclude any that Eufy is unable to connected to”.

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I am frustrated. There is no chance to connect to my wlan. We are talking about a security company and they are not able to resolve such a little problem?
I start hating the product and think about sending it back. I wanted to use 4 cameras, but in this case i am not willing to to that with this product.

It is realy frustrated starting the experience in that way.
I am not sure, if this is my problem, but i can connect to my guest wlan. But as the name said, this wlan is for guests. Not for home products. But with my right wlan i cannot connect.

And eufy (Anker) is not the only reason why i will change my password or something like that. They have a problem and i am not willing to change all other devices and make my password less secure.


I’ve been running my Eufy system since Aug. 2020 on a 2.5 Ghz network with an (_) underscore in the SSID without any issues. Not sure why yours doesn’t work, but it doesn’t sound like a Eufy issue if mine works. Originally, I had it on a different router with a different SSID, but still with an underscore and no problems.

Thank you. Perhaps it is not the SSID, but the password. I am wondering why it works in the guest network, but not in my correct network. But before i will configure everything i have to switch to the correct network.
Do you have any idea what i can try?

The guest Network also has an “" (underline) in the SSID, but not in the password. The correct Network has also an "” (underline) in the password. But realy: I cannot change this because than i have to connect many devices again and that is a very bad work.

Unfortunately, support will be available again on monday.

Eufy does limit password special characters to a subset of the ones allowed by the Wifi standard. I don’t remember which ones were excluded, but I think either the app Help or the printed manual had a list of password characters that were allowed. I’d start there, and if that doesn’t work, experiment with changing the password and see what works.

Thank you. I will try to find out. But if i have to change the password i think i will better send all back and leave it as it is.
Change the password in every other device is no option for me.

Thank you.

Just change the passsword and see if it fixes Eufy. If it does, then you need to change everywhere, if it doesn’t, change it back and you wont have to change all your devices. At least you’ll know where the problem is.

I am experiencing same issue.
My Ssid had ‘-‘ and password had ‘@‘.
I changed both. But still the same.
My 2.4 ghz wifi is not getting listed in the available network in the app.
I got homebase 1

I still got the feedback from the support, that my password make problems with the homebase 2.
So: No solution, only a workaround which is not realy good. I have to think about what to do. Is not so easy, because in every case there is a bad thing.