Eufy HD 1080p video doorbell-how to set to "Away" mode via Alexa

I have the Eufy HD 1080p wired doorbell. I’ve added the Alexa skill for it and can access the doorbell camera from Alexa (I can get video on the Alexa show devices).

What I cant do is change the security mode between “Home” and “Away” using Alexa voice command. Even more useful would be to be able to use an Alexa routing to trigger home and away mode based on location of my cell phone (ie… security mode could be set based on geofencing).

I would also second the request to add two way communication with the doorbell when viewing the camera video.

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I second this. It’s crazy you can’t change the mode via Alexa. These are supposed to be smart devices - why should I have to go manually change modes every time I leave the house?