Eufy has been politely unhelpful

So in 11/2021 I purchased the WiFi version smart lock with finger print model T8520 and it’s been fairly great lock. Fast forward to 3 months after warranty expired which is (18 months in total) the lock started acting up .
The issue was when we unlock it manually from inside and try to use the code or thumbprint to lock it before we leave, it acts as if it want fully unlocked and unlocks a tiny bit again which in turn give the unlock chime. We have to use the code again or thumbprint again (sometimes) it takes more than one try with the thumbprint to fully lock it.
So I contacted CSR through the help in the app and through email and sent them videos of it’s doing and they basically told me to go kick rocks.
I understand the warranty expired and it’s their policy to refuse replacement but honestly all I want to do is add the lock to the app again. See, they advised me to remove the lock from the app and re-add it again thinking it might fix the issue, it didn’t and now it’s refusing to finish the calibration process because it’s always producing an error that the lock is stuck or something of that effect.
Is there anyway someone knows I can do to bypass the calibration or at least fool it so I can add the device back ?
I was able to use codes or thumbprint before to operate the lock but now it’s just a $200 dumb deadbolt.

I recall someone here on the forum posted a fix for the calibration issue.
Though I’m not sure it will work but you can give it a shot.
It was to change your location of the lock during setup in the app, so if you have it set to front door set it to back door instead.

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The app won’t even allow me to add the darn thing to it without having to finish the calibration. So I am literally in a loop between pressing the button in the middle of the lock to activate Bluetooth connection to the lock to calibration failed please retry the setup process. Back and forth.

Maybe try this if you haven’t done so already.
In the eufy app make sure the the door lock isn’t added in the app or partially installed, if so see if you can delete the device (I know you said you couldn’t add it to it).
Make sure the eufy app is completely closed / exited. Remove it from your recents list also.

In your phone’s settings for apps, locate the eufy app and clear the apps cache.

Press the reboot button on the door lock and wait for it to complete.
Remove the battery from the door lock for 15 minutes then replace it.

Now try to add your Smart Lock to the eufy security app.
Good luck.

door could sometimes swell up , the plunger may got lots of triction if not aligning to the hole.

you might want to lube the parts, change to new battery.
check alignment.
Delete and re-add device.

I agree Eufy Customer Service are very polite.