Eufy Floodlight lights have a dim glow when off

Is this normal? They glow very very dimly, you can only see it at night. I only just bought it so I don’t know if I should return the Floodlight. This picture is the lights turned to off in the app… Also the feature that leaves the lights on the whole time is switched off too.

The exposure on the phone makes them look brighter than to the eye, and obviously the purple isn’t visable to the eye either.

I’ve returned it now as I didn’t get a reply from support or this thread.

Oh bummer … I think it’s normal. Did it bother you that much?

The glow you saw was the Inrfared LEDs lighting up the area. Your camera is much more sensitive to IR than your eyes so it shows much brighter (your eyes would see a faint red glow). As these are intended to generate a lot of light they seem very bright on your camera.

FYI, try to point the business end of an IR remote at your cell camera and you will see it flicker (much lower intensity).

I know that, I’m talking about the two led lights that would stay partially on even when set to off. Sometimes the one on the right would turn off completely, but the left would always stay glowing.

When I saw that I figured it was a fault, I checked it was earthed and it was.

Anyways I was refunded now.