Eufy Floodlight E340 light setting issue

Right now, my flood light is not turning on at night when motion is detected even when I set everything to be on in the setting. Reading a coupe of Reddit and community posts, the issue appears to be the streetlights or any kind of external ambient lights trick the light sensor, thinking that it is still daytime and no lights are needed.
So can EUFY please add a schedule setting (ie. sunset to sunrise) in the “Motion Activating illumination” setting so it forces the lights to turn on no matter how bright the ambient lights are? I think it will fix the issue temporarily when you guys figure this thing out.

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I’m having the same issue. It’s so frustrating. The Eufy 2K floodlight has similar issue. They haven’t fix it yet. Only workaround.

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I have the same issue, i am more than interested if anyone has a working workaround.

Is there a light sensor or is this done by the camera ? it should me easy to cover a light sensor but covering the camera would be stupid :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue the floodlight has only worked once with motion detection due the ambient lighting where the camera is located.

Looks like other are having the same issue

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So we have floodlights with lights never going on…

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If there is a light sensor, it’s probably behind the motion sensor component cover lens.
Shine a bright flashlight on the cover lens, it should be a bit transparent to see if you can spot the light sensor.

I got a firmware update yesterday and so the lights of my E340 for the first time in the evening, seems way better for me !

I just bought this light and it was working and then the firmware was updated and now the floodlight doesn’t work at all. is there a way to reset the light to go back to factory settings?