Eufy E340 Doorbell Update 'Yesterday'?

I’ve had my E340 Doorbell online less than a month and it showed the date I installed it in the Settings/General/About Device with the System Version since it automatically upgraded it at that time. I don’t recall exactly what version it was on after I installed it, but I noticed today that under the Settings/General/About Device that the System Version is showing “Yesterday 00:59”, and not the x/xx date when I installed it.

Does this mean the E340 doorbell firmware was updated yesterday?

If it is a new version, then shouldn’t Eufy announce and post stuff like this on these message boards with any Release Notes advising what’s fixed/new in the new System Version?

Maybe the ”yesterday” will change to an actual date in 24 hours?
Also in the app if you tap on these… you’ll see some info on updates.

Eufy announcing firmware updates prior to dispatching them would be nice. Info on the firmware updates are a bit cryptic. As you read the one in my photo_ Fix the existing BUG. What bug I didn’t even know I had one??

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Thank you. I’m new to the system and it’s good to know where they show this information.

As for the E340 Doorbell, they advised that one of the new enhancements was to ‘1. Optimize motion detection algorithm.’ I’ve been getting a six second notification delay after motion is detected, and the six second notification delay is still happening. Oh well.