Eufy Doorbell SIP

The doorbell software on these cameras is very weak and in no way comparable to other products on the market.

A real game changer and something none of the competition have would be SIP integration. I could then link the Doorbell to my own SIP client which many phones integrate into their handset (saving you the development)

It also opens the possibilities to business markets as the door bell can be used as an intercom system with most business phone systems.

SIP fully supports video and you should look at the AXIS 8105-E device for inspiration

Which other doorbells are supporting SIP integration?
While that can be looked at by eufy as a busines case for future line up, that’s not a major feature to lack in a traditional doorbell setting.

As per my original comment, loads of SIP doorbells on the market. I have an AXIS 8105.
The point is the change can be made in software on the homebase, or maybe a homebase pro.

Whilst the device is aimed at the consumer I know plenty of small businesses that will look at a product like this when it is a quarter of the price. SIP is not a difficult protocol to implement and it is the equivalent of adding RTSP/NAS to the eufy cameras.

You may not think that it makes commercial sense but I disagree. Eufy Doorbell needs a USP such as SIP in the same way the cameras needed RTSP/NAS as the market is saturated with better brand names with more fleshed out software interfaces. Having local storage is not enough.

I was referring to residential use, but I like your point that with little mod, it can be made for both residential and commercial markets at fraction of the price.

The Doorbird Products have SIP Integration.

+1 for SIP Integration