Eufy Doorbell notifications

I just installed my video doorbell yesterday. The video is great, very clear and the app seems very quick to open when needed. However notifications have been spotty at best. This morning my kid told me Fedex was here and I thought “great, a perfect chance for a real test.” So I waited and waited to see if I got a notification, and eventually gave up after looking outside to see that the FedEx driver had left. So I looked in my app to see if it recorded the delivery, and it had, but it didn’t notify me. So my question is, has anyone else struggled with getting notifications? If so have you been able to resolve the issue?


I’m not sure how it looks for the Doorbell, but I have eufycam that uses eufysecurity app (hope you use the same app)

Goto Device settings–>Notification settings–>select All alerts
Goto Security (bottom right on App) --> select your doorbell–>select the security mode (Home for instance) -->goto settings (Gear icon) check the box for
“Push Notifications”
Try this and let us know if works

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@Ice4 do you work for Eufy? Because you are very good at answering questions!

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Thanks @Joel5 but no, I’m one of the backers on Kickstarter when eufysecurity (Anker) launched their first security camera. A long journey with eufy so far.

Cool! So you have the original camera and the cam 2. That’s cool! I am really hoping I will 1st or 2nd place in the #seenoneufy competition I would love to have more eufy cameras. What about you what place do you want to win @Ice4?

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I hope to win that as well, but need to spend some time to go through my 2 years worth of videos to post some interesting clips out to get more votes.
Good luck to you :+1:

Same to you! I just got lucky finding the clip I posted!:rofl:

Hi, I’ve been having the same problem lately , at first it was working fine but lately not so much like you said the recording is there just not getting the notification. I have all the notifications turn on even deleted the app and reinstalled it but nothing seems to work so far any one else having this issues??


Same here. I get some notifications, but most of the time I get none…
Maybe unrelated but I deactivated motion detection notifications.

I’m using the Eufy app on android. I get notifications promptly. I had to turn off motion notification because it was too much. When someone rings the bell, my phone buzzes. If you’re using android, maybe the OS is putting Eufy app to sleep.

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I’m having the same problem. At first it would be great but a few months in now, I don’t get notifications for doorbell rings or some other things

I had this problem and fixed it by resetting the doorbell and re-adding it. Sadly now the doorbell won’t stay connected for more than 3 days at a time requiring me to manually reset it.