Eufy doorbell in uk

Hi Eufy team,

I have purchased four of your cameras now and very happy with the quality. Can you advise when you will be selling the Eufy doorbell in the uk?

Also if I was to buy the US version would it be compatible with my system?



I’d probably wait until back in stock here. No import duties. It also works with the Eufycams sold in the U.K. and the included HomeBase even includes the U.K. power adapter.

I spotted the Eufy wireless battery video doorbell with base station is for sale on by AnkerDirect for £199.99

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Great spot!!!

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Would be great to know when both the wired & battery video door bells are going to be for sale in UK.
Eufy; Think there is quite a bit of interest…

Battery doorbell is available & can be used wired without modifying the chime which is required with the wired only version

Thanks for your support in Eufy.

We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with the camers. In the UK, the battery doorbell is available.

Hope it helps.

@AnkerSupport When we get a wireless doorbell without having to buy the homebase I don’t need? :thinking:

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Just picked one up (with a homebase) which i did not need, must say the image quality during day is far better than the 2c cameras i have but the night vision not so good.
Only been couple of days and some tweaking may be required in the settings.

All that said the doorbell should be available wiithout the homebase, why have another when you already have one, get it as this could be the first eufy secuirty product some my buy then add cameras on but Eufy should also look at camera owners that have the home base already.

Plus when is the wired version to be sold in the UK?

Looks like the wired version is for sale on Eufy UK £179.99 but they have a 15% discount code available at the moment which brings the price down to £152.99