Eufy Doorbell Dual Pro - Car Detection doesn’t work


My Eufy Doorbell Dual Pro does not detect cars. The motion detection is on, the activity zone is set to the footpath and the road, sensitivity is at maximum (5) and yet I receive no notifications when a car drives into the street. Is there a solution for this? This was possible with my RING 2 doorbell.

Thanks for the comments.

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I also upgraded from a Ring 2 doorbell to the Eufy dual camera doorbell. My motion is set to 5, maximum and the detection is worse than my old Ring 2. The eufy had motion and a radar to help detect motion better apparently! Battery life is also worse against my old Ring 2.


My 2k door bell stopped recording just on the 20th, a lot of complaints have been posted about this and it is not just the doorbells it appears to be other 2k devices as well, from what I have been reading.

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Has there been no solution to the issue? Just got a Doorbell Dual and I came from a ring as well. Are they saying there is no way to fix this? I have all the settings on motion set to 5 and the activity zone is turned on covering all the areas just to increase the coverage area. I even went to Advantage in Motion and turned that up as well.