Eufy doorbell camera saved us and my house during a fire

Beyond thankful for my eufy doorbell camera! I received a motion notification when it detected smoke from a fire right outside my door!!! I would have lost my whole house and possibly my life (and my pets lives) if it weren’t for eufy. Because the doorbell camera detected the smoke at the very beginning of the fire, I was able to contain and put the fire out in a matter of minutes!! It could have been so much worse without my eufy! It’s been AMAZING!



Wow, I’m glad you were able to catch it in time and put it out. Hope everyone and pets are all ok.


We are all okay!!! Still in disbelief at times, but very grateful!!

Glad you are ok. That really is scary. What caused the fire? That info might help others to avoid the same situation or worse if they don’t catch it in time.

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Set to Fire AI? Ok… all motion?

Thank you!!! I had a couple of brooder lights with heat lamps (red) outside providing heat to the bottom of a wood cabinet where I had a makeshift warm area for my outside cats to take shelter. I had the lights secured so they wouldn’t fall, and I cleaned them at least once a month. The lamps and bulbs were all purchased this season.

It appears that one of the heat bulbs exploded and caught the bedding on the inside of the cabinet on fire. I am a daughter of.a fireman, so I was aware of the dangers of the lamps falling, I just had no idea they would explode. I have used these types of lamps/bulbs for many years to raise baby chicks, as well as to provide heat to the barn cats. I have NEVER seen one explode like that.

Rest assured, I will not be using that method to provide heat to anything ever again. I was extremely lucky I was home that afternoon…… I was scheduled to work, but decided to stay home that afternoon.

I’m not sure what you are asking? The motion alert went off when the smoke started to rise. I did not have any AI set to detect fire.

It was a joke… I thought? Glad you didn’t have it set to human only.

I use those lamps all the time… ugh. Time to buy an extra “fire” cam! Glad your safe.

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@mlc4 Very scary stuff…glad you were home to stop the blaze from spreading. It seems like security cameras are becoming a necessity in today’s world. Getting alerted and catching something like that was well worth the cost. I have added a couple of cameras for similar reasons. However, I hope to never see those images…:pray:t3:. Thank you for sharing your story!

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