Eufy doorbell & alexa notification / chime delay!

Starting to get seriously annoyed with the 2K doorbell, doorbell push notification constantly going out of sync between the Homebase chime & Alexa devices which are connected.
Previously resolved by deleting the alexa skill & re-enabling & logging back into Eufy. But this is now hit or miss, & when it does work, an hour or so later it’s out of sync again, anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours!
I have a solid internet connection, a 4 disc wifi mesh & ethernet cable connections to the mesh discs & the Homebase. No issues with other Eufy devices, 2 x 2C cameras. I have even set up routines for the cameras whereby the activation of the cameras during the night activate house lamps connected to smart plugs. This routine works flawlessly. The fly in the ointment is the Doorbell !


Same here, system is getting more unreliable by the day!


Its shame the door sensors will not work on routines.

Come on Eufy, you have gone backwards with the latest updates and broke it…

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Same problem here. Having sold everyone on the advantages of this doorbell (over our last one that we kept missing), and linking it with four Alexas, the delays are undermining confidence in the whole system.

Disabling/Reenabling works for a little bit. And yes, I’ve tried deleting the doorbell altogether etc. Now, however, we’re getting the bloody Alexas ringing up to an hour after the doorbell was pressed. Last week everyone was in bed and they all went off. My stock has plummeted!

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+1 for the delayed notifications on Alexa devices.

Have disabled the skill, deleted all the devices, rebooted everything then re-enabled the skill, logged in, added the devices…and still the notifications are delayed by about 2-5 mins…well, guess it is better than the hour it used to be.


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see this issue also in thread…

Happening to me again! I’ve reported to eufy, please can everyone make sure they do so.

Same here, system is getting more unreliable by the day. Over the Last year the system gone more and more brocken.

I installed my doorbell in February and it worked perfectly until late May. Now I am also suffering from delay with Alexa notifications. Sometimes minutes late, sometimes after an hour. It would be good to hear from Eufy on this one; it’s clearly a big problem for many users.

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Mine’s been workign with Alexas for the last week or so.

Not sure why it all started again. Anyone else?

Yes, mine also. I had reported the issue to Eufy support, & got an email back 15th June saying they thought the issue was resolved, but I had held back any reporting to see it was fixed & so far so good.