Eufy Doorbell & Alexa Announcements

Just got one of these and love it … my only issue is that when the door bell is pressed, my Echos (selected 3/4) ring (with different rings which is odd) and Alexa announces - “there is someone at the doorbell”. Is there a way to change the phrase spoken to “there is someone at the door” instead?

Would creating a custom routine overwrite the out of the box announcement or confuse it?
Can I be selective with which Echo’s ring?
Would I need to set up a new routine for each Echo?

Yep all of what you ask can be done in the Alexa app

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Hi emma.peek,

The Alexa Announcement goes as “there is someone at the [device name]”, if you change the device name in Alexa App from doorbell to door that shall do the trick for expected results.

In the Alexa app itself, go to devices select Eufy Doorbell and choose needed Announcement device in case you have multiple Echo/Alexa devices.

I hope this helps.

But now you will get the Alexa announcement anything from minutes to hours later…

Something has happened on the link / servers.

Come On Eufy, sort your problems out, since the last firmware & app updated the system is getting worse, almost intentional?