Eufy Community | App Integration (iOS)

I’m exited to report that the Eufy Community is now integrated directly into the Eufy Security App on iOS! If you open the menu, there is a new “Community” tab that will open the forum!

This integration is currently only available on iOS, but I’m sure we will see it come to the android version of the app shortly!

Do you think that this is a useful feature, and do you think it will make you more likely to take part in the community? Let me know with a comment below!

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Definitely helps to be part of the community however it would be nice to have a back and forward arrow buttons within the app so go back and forth within the site.


I noticed the same thing. Very weird thing not to have.

@Mengdi any news on this feature?

I can see the Community option within the App on my Apple device but it doesnt appear on my Android device

I have the latest version from the Google Play store and the new features mentions it but it’s still missing from the App.

It’s useful I think, and whilst we’re on the topic, can we get rid of the huge adverts and excessive headers. I hate having to scroll down to get into the threads.

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I usually to get to threads, I open the menu, and either click “new” (unopened and unread threads), or “unread” (Threads which you have commented on, but have new comments since).

@LeeH thanks for the information! I will update the original topic with this.

Thanks for posting @Techman :+1:
I too noticed it couple days ago, about to post it now and saw you did already :wink:

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It looks like this has now been resolved on Android phones with the last Eufy App Update the Community option is now being displayed