Eufy chased away the crooks

Have Homebase 2, 4 eufy cam. Last month, someone jumped over the fence and try to sneak in while we are away . The alarm trigger and the crook run away. Thank you Eufy.


Another positive story to hear. @Sit14 I’m happy that this has worked out for you, makes you think that it is a great investment considering what could have happened. :grin::sunglasses:

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Nice! I had a friend that went on a month long vacation and wanted my thoughts on home security. I stuck my 2 pan tilts in his place so I could babysit. First night gone someone was looking thru his sliding glass doors with a flashlight. Set off the dime sized alarm speaker… and they ran!

This proves that they want the “easy” take. Sometime just a visible camera will make them find an easier target.


Definitely!! Get the external siren for us, Eufy lovers!!!

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Good thing it worked for you! Ours did not trigger, woke up to find our things missing. Bummer