Eufy Cams don't show latest motion

When a motion is set off and I click on notification, it takes me to older video every single time!!!

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Instead of clicking on the notification, go to the event log for the camera and click in that to see the latest event. Sometimes there could be a delay in it syncing with the homebase thats why it takes you to the last video feed

It’s definitely one way of seeing the recorded event, but it should really work through the notification. I’m sure there could be a reason why it’s not taking them to the correct video, but what @scorpinox2005 is describing is not “normal”.

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Same problem, this has been going on for about a month so not sure what firmware update has caused it. Never a problem and now almost never plays correct clip thru notification, and really likes to replay a same old kne every time. Also, my great cameras, now play that same clip when i open the application itself, super not helpful. Any ideas on a fix?


I’m still having same issue. It’s important to be able to see the video from the moiton notification if event is an actual emergency situation. If you go to events, it tends to take awhile to upload. By that time a crime may have already been committed or wouldn’t be able to deter the act.

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I am guessing that your phone could be causing the issue. All our 5 devices notify in less than 4 seconds, so it’s not some devce firmware issue. I note the notification time every morning when I leave to see if there are any issues and haven’t seen any delays since around Christmas.

If your phone is setup to conserve battery for the Eufy app, that can delay notifications and the download of the event clip by quite a bit. If the notification comes through quickly, but the event clip is delayed, and you see an old thumbnail, then you may have background data restrcted for the Eufy app. I suspect that’s why you get an old thumbnail associated with a current notification. The text is almost instantaneous, but with background data disabled or restricted, the clip takes longer to load so it displays the last known one.

Also, your notifcation settings determine whether you get just text, text first followed by thumbnail, or text and thumbnail togther. These setting are specific for each camera.

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