Eufy Camera taking way too long to charge

Despite assurances that my brand new eufy cameras should take 4-8 hrs to charge when connected to homebase. Mine has been stuck on 90% for the last 2 days. Its taking awfully long to charge, can someone explain what’s going on? I have tried to charge it using a normal charging adapter and still same issues.


Purely a guess: sounds like the battery calibration is off. Suggest to use the camera and allow the battery to drain down (maybe set it to record full time so it drains faster) then recharge and see if it calibrates itself.

Again, just a guess.


Thanks for reaching out.

Have yoy tried a different 5V/2A or 9V/2A USB charger and cable?

If the issue still persists, please send us an email to

Please provide the eufy account and the serial number located on the camera device so we can further assist you.

We apologize for the inconveniences, look forward to hearing back from you and wish you a lovely day.

I have the same issue. Got stuck at 81. But could you give me a link of the correct charger … I have the feeling something goes wrong.

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Hi Eufy a year on, my issue still persists. This time around as one of the fellow users have suggested it is completely drained. I am hoping it will recalibrate itself. I was told to record the situation I will take some screenshots at various times to log. Eufy have said with the evidence, they will replace, however my concern being, that I will have to be without camera hence security during that transition. If after today the problem does persist, I will have to return it and have it replaced. However can you explain the logistics as I do not wish to be without a camera during transition. I hope I am making sense here. Thank you.

My issue is more around the time it actually takes to charge the camera.

I’ve had the 2C on charge since 8am. It’s now almost 4pm. It’s gone from 16% to 43%.

What are the expected charge times? I can’t find any info. Thanks.

Is that a power block your charging it with? Plug it into the homebase.

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@chefrd is correct. For best performance, you should always plug your device into either a homebase or a 5-9 Vdc charger capable of sourcing 2.4 amps. Your power bank will probably only allow around 5 volt charging. The homebase will allow up to 9 volt charging, which should increase the available current and decrease your charging time.

I have had my camera plugged into the base unit for five days and it has only got to 84%. This was the same issue for the other two cameras as well. Is there any way to get the 4-8 hour charging promised in the manual? I’m using the cord supplied. I tried one using the USB cable directly into the plug adaptor and that was equally as slow to charge.
Any suggestions of how to get them to charge more quickly?
Regards, Douglas

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Sometimes the app doesn’t report the SOC correctly. Best thing to do is remove it from charging and let it sit for an hour or so, then check the state of charge. Usually you’ll see a higher value. I’ve seen this on several cameras.

Also, as your batteries age they might not show 100 percent when fully charged anymore.

For those wanting fast charging times, be aware that the faster you charge, the more heat is generated and that is bad for battery life. A battery set that’s only at 40 or 50 percent will charge up to about 80 percent fairly quickly then slow down because the resistance of the cells is higher. It usually takes almost as long to charge from 80 to 100 percent as it does from 30 to 80 percent. Just physics.