Eufy camera issues

My Eufy camera kept telling me it can not connect to the home base 2. I removed my camera and it deleted all my cameras out of the app so I went ahead and tried to reconnect to the home base and now it won’t connect. It just flashes blue for a minute then shuts off. I’ve tried restarting the home base and nothing. I’ve tried restarting the cameras until they beep but it doesn’t beep it o ly flashes blue then shuts off. Anyone else have this issue?

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Yep! Running into the exact same problem. Stuck at flashing blue HomeBase2 LED.
Any luck? I’m going to call their customer support.

I think you need to charge your camera sometimes it will have low charge and will not be able to connect

The cameras were 100% charged. The problem appears to have been with the HomeBase firmware update and Eufy tech support is sending me a replacement HomeBase 2.

That’s good to here!

Cannot get my outdoor spotlight camera to live feed.