Eufy Cam2 motion detection became very unreilable

I have one of my Cam2’s mounted on my rear carport pointed towards the front carport & angled so it picks up the 2 walks to the front door. This has been working pretty well until a few days ago when it stopped picking up people walking down the gravel walk. The paved walk goes to the carport so most visitors don’t use it. The camera hasn’t gotten any updates so I’m not sure what changed.

This evening I moved the camera up to the corner of the house and used the magnetic mount. I could walk all over the driveway and around the cars without detection. It acts to me like it lost it’s range, if you get within 5’ of it then I get a detection alarm. I used a microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses to make sure the sensor was clean. It would also pickup most cars going up and down the street but it isn’t doing that any more either.

The motion detection is set to #7 & set to all motion, never had much luck with the Human detection only setting.

The camera has been turned off and back on as well as the Homebase has been restarted.

To try and narrow the problem down I swapped the back camera with the carport camera to see if it’s a camera issue or what.

I’m having the same problem. After the last update my two cam2 work when they want so hit and miss. Detection zones don’t even work.

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I’m thinking that their AI if flawed. If you go to camera settings/power manager/ detection statistics it shows the number if events, the number that AI filtered out and number of recorded saved events.

About the only thing I haven’t tried is remove the camera and reinstall it. Can’t see where this will help but you never know.

Good thing it’s past my return period at Amazon or these would go back.

I contacted Eufy Support, here’s some troubleshooting things to try.

–Please ensure the ethernet cable is inserted firmly into the Homebase port.

–Select all motion in the Detection Type and increase the sensitivity level: Camera Settings>Motion detection.

–Change the camera working mode as a customized recording with 5s retriggering intervals: Camera Settings>Power Manager >Cutomized Recording.

–Please check the installation location, the optimal installation height is 2-2.5m(7-8ft) off the ground with a downtilt angle not exceeding 25°

–Please press the sync button on the camera for 10 seconds until you hear 2 beep sounds to reset it and add it back.

–Please change the connection method of HomeBase to a WiFi Repeater mode to see if it can help at all. You can enable this feature in your eufy app. (app>side menu>My Device > Homebase Name > Homebase Settings > Connection > WiFi setup), after wifi set up, you can plug out of the ethernet cable from Homebase and move the Homebase closer to your devices.

Haven’t tried these yet