Eufy cam survives bear attack

We live outside Seattle in what is affectionately known as “the boonies.” Wildlife is common so we have Eufy cameras set up to see what’s lurking in the dark. We see coyotes, lots of possum and raccoons, and there’s a bear that wanders by every now and again.

On October 31, the bear was making his way past the camera when he stopped, sniffed the camera, and gave it a big lick. On November 1, he was back on his usual rounds. He stopped, sniffed, and grabbed the camera in his mouth! He pulled and eventually swiped it with his paw to dislodge the camera from the mount. He carried the camera about 10 feet and then dropped it.

The camera has the silicone skin on it and that was pretty well torn up. However, the camera housing itself has only a few small scratches and captured the entire encounter. If nothing else, it makes for a great story.

The recon: Sniff sniff sniff - YouTube
The attack: Nom nom nom - YouTube
The aftermath: Meh; tastes lousy - YouTube

Minimal damage:

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Not for nothing, but why would you mount the camera so low to the ground? Even to record whats out there it should at least be 10 ft off the ground

Hahaha, very interesting story.