Eufy cam E died

Hello everyone

One of our eufycam E camera has gone offline… We had no idea why…

We thought that it was low of battery but we tried to connect it with the homebase to charge via USB… There was no red indicator… We tried also with the 5V 2A and 9V 2A and still nothing… Has anyone had this issue before?
Does anyone know how to solve it?

Try to reset it by holding the sync button for 10 seconds. If that doesn’t work contact support.


If the 10 second reset doesn’t work, try tapping sync button 5 or 6 times rapidly. I’ve seen both instructions for reset.


I had one of my Cam2 Pros suddenly go offline yesterday afternoon. I reset the homebase with no luck. I then took down the camera and put it to charge which fortunately reconnected the device. Very odd :thinking:

thank you for posting this.

my doorbell cam just stopped working, not sure if battery went dead or what.

usb charger would not light it up,
sync button hold didn’t work,
pushed rapidly as you advised and now it’s showing life.


The samething has happened to my cam E and also my cam 2 Pro two weeks after. On both occassions it happened after taken the cameras down and recharging them with the homebase. Both cameras are now dead bricks and customer supports say its outside the 12 months warranty. It really sucks having to pay for a camera that works for little over a year, and then being told they can’t help you. And this seems to be a defect with the cameras if they stop working after being fully charged.

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Same problem with my Eufycam 2. Just stopped working and only shows a blue light blinking. Doesn’t respond to anything anymore (2 sec Sync button, 10 Sec nor 5 times short presses). Also recharging doesn’t help. Just 20 months old.

Reading the forums many people have this problem and makes you wonder how well this product is build.

With a Homebase 2 and 2 other Eufy devices it is difficult to switch to another brand. Will wait till the next device stops working then go to a more reliable brand. Very disappointing.