Eufy Cam battery life surprise

I am very pleased and surprised at the battery life of our 6 camera system.
We installed it in November 2019 and still have 80% battery life in all cameras. We have had numerous alarm activity during this time and supplied video footage to authorities resulting in aprehension of a trespasser.
I highly recommend the Eufy system.

Do you live directly under high voltage power lines? Wow…

I do (live under high voltage power lines), but I’m having to recharge every 4 weeks! Mine are obviously powering the neighbours sound system.

Ouch! One time I parked under a high voltage line and when I tried to get back in my truck it shocked me so bad I could not get back in. Had some some local kids who thought it was fun… put the truck in park and push it down the street until i could touch it. Crazy.