Eufy cam 2pc pro 2k

Why is my camera not picking up vehicles when i have it set to motion, only picking up people

Vehicles are tough. Your PIR sensor doesn’t like them. Took me over a year to find just the right spot and angle to get reliable vehicle detection with my 2c. And I can only count on “hot” vehicles coming “up” my drive to get detected but that was by design with the extreme angle I set the cam at. Cars hide your body heat behind glass and they are usually very close to the surrounding temps on start up. Hybrid or electric cars run super cold so they are super camouflaged against your cam’s sensor. Also…. If the sensor detects the moving vehicle a bit late… if your cam isn’t angled correctly… the vehicle may be gone by the time the cam fully wakes up from hibernation. It will then simply write it off as false detection. Need a master class for these cams really…

Thankyou for your reply, very dissapointing to purchase something that i was told would caprure vehicle’s

They will capture vehicles…. Maybe good enough to fit your needs? Like I said… the same 2Cs that I almost tossed in the garbage now detect vehicles very well. But I put in the work. Maybe we can help.

If you want some ideas i recommend giving us a screenshot from the camera your having trouble with. This will tell us volumes. Or maybe switch to a camera that doesn’t use a PIR sensor…. Like the wired C24 outdoor cam.