Eufy Cam 2C Video Glitches

Hello Eufy!! I just set up my 5 Eufy Cam 2C’s and I really like these cameras!! I have noticed that sometimes the video feed will lag and glitch so hopefully this can get fixed!! Thank you for everything you do!!

Hey @jls4wheeler,

So sorry to learn the glitches issue with your eufycam 2C! If possible, could you please email us a short video as the reference? We will quickly look into this case for you.

Thank you for your support. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Hi there. I reported the same issue in February (Ticket#99437136) and was told by Eufy Customer Support that “our engineer has located the root cause and they will optimize this issue in our next firmware update. We will let you know once the new firmware is avalaible”. The recent firmware release did not appear to address the problem. When do you hope to issue a fix? Thanks

Hi @Hamlet. Are you still having this issue? My cam has done this since I got it the set of two. One is fine the other glitches a the time.

Hello @jls4wheeler . Did you ever get this resolved? I have a set of two and one has done this since we got them.

Nope occasionally this still happens

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Hi @pburger21 . Both my 2Cs are still the same. Maybe slightly better but they both take 5-6 seconds before the image is suddenly sharp. I’ll try contacting Cust Support for an update…

I’ve Just set up my 2nd Eufy Cam 2c today and noticed a glitch which happens every few seconds. I’ve even recorded it. so far the 1st camera I set up is working without a glitch. This is from a 3 camera bundle with homebase2. I haven’t yet set up the 3rd camera yet so I don’t know if that one may also have a glitch or not.
another problem I notice is that the first camera isn’t detecting motion that well. i have the sensitivity set to 7 and standing in front of it and sometimes is a hit or miss. I even set up the active zone and the same thing happens hit or miss.



I just set up two 2C cams and they don’t detect any motion. I double checked settings maxed out sensitivity and still no detection.

Same thing is happening to my new Eufy Cam 2’s that I installed today. One has smooth video and the other glitches. Also the motion detect is so so. I also have a Ring camera that I’m evaluating and the motion detect seems to be better on the Ring. Also, the field of view seems off. The Ring Spotlight Cam that I have says it has a field of view of 140. The Eufy Cam 2 also has 140 but the Ring is quite a bit wider. One of the two companies is not listing their number right. I’m trying to like the Eufy more but we’ll see… Gotta keep testing and hopefully somebody has an answer about the glitches…

We just set up our system eufy2 cams and seem to be getting a lot of issues with lagging and sound. It also seems as if someone may of already hacked into our system. I tried to use my VPN but was told it isn’t compatible

Has there been any update on this? I just installed 3 cameras about a month or so ago and my wife and I have noticed sometimes the motion detectors don’t work or are slow. It happened just this morning.