Eufy Cam 2C Video Feed Very Hazy

I have noticed that one of my Eufy Cam 2C Cameras is very hazy and motion detection isn’t working properly. None of my other cameras have this issue. Has anyone had this issue?

@Mengdi @AnkerSupport @Yanyee1

Any help would be great! Maybe a replacement camera? The lens isn’t dirty I haven been wiping it. It looks clean.

Update… I was helped my Evan on the live chat and he is going to send me a new camera. Thanks Eufy!

Yes, same problem with 1 of three cameras.
I hope they will help me with this also.
@AnkerSupport @jls4wheeler

@Bob93 make sure to do a live chat or call. I didn’t get help on the forums. I did a live chat form the Eufy Security app.