Eufy Cam 2C Pink Hue

I have a couple Eufy Cam 2C’s and I notice that during the daytime when I check the cams they will start off with a good image but then a few seconds into it the image will become pink and harder to pick out finer details. It seems like the white balance of the camera is trying to adjust from a seemingly good place and ends up with a poor image.
Here is a link to a quick example.

Have any others experience this? Is there a fix I can do on my end?

Hi @Tonytoday!

Thanks for providing the video reference for the image issue.

In this case, please try to :

  • Changing the angle for the camera
  • Please let us know if the night version has been turned on

Meanwhile, please email your eufy account and the serial number(camera device) to

Thank you so much for your support. Looking forward to getting you taken care of as soon as possible!

@Tonytoday well I’m feeling better about this problem! I was under the assumption I was the only one having this issue. Its only happening on my outside camera, Im thinking it has a lot to do with the temperature but not sure. I have attached a before when first started and then after 3 seconds of video… Every time …:thinking:

The night vision setting is set to auto. Both of my cameras do this. The one I posted is in my front yard and the other is in the back yard so I doubt it’s related to angle do to lighting.

@Tonytoday yeah mine is on driveway side as shown above and there is 0 direct light on the camera. I have switched out my inside camera and after a few hours it is doing it as well I have the proper power supply block for it and is always powered.

Hello, I was experiencing the exact same issue. Reset the eufyCam 2C. Issue is solved, at least for today. Good Luck.

Read from a previous post…
“Reset the camera, by pressing the sync button on the camera 5 times in rapid succession. It should beep and shut down. Wait 30 secs then re-sync to Homebase. Hope this helps.”

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