Eufy Cam 2 - Recordings Frozen on Android Eufy App

Is anyone else experiencing this bug?

Sent following to support team:

I was told that you are aware of this critical bug, which is rendering the Eufy cameras useless. I was informed that I am not the only user with this issue and it is becoming more widespread.

I installed a HomeBase 2 and two EufyCam 2’s three days ago. There were initially no issues whatsoever. Recordings were perfect and playback in the app functioned normally.

However, today I got a motion detection alert from one of the cameras. I clicked to view the footage as normal. When I did this, the first 1-2 seconds of the clip played - but then the footage froze completely still. So the person walking was frozen and the entire clip looked like a photograph. Audio continued on the clip, but the video never played and all you can see is a frozen image. Even after restarting the app, these clips never work correctly.

If you download the saved video clip to your phone, then view this on your gallery, the full recoded clip shows. When you watch the footage on your saved memory/gallery, there are no issues. But if you watch the clip in the Eufy security app, you get the frozen clip.

This issue happens roughly 50-75% of the time when motion is detected.

I have tried reinstalling the Eufy security application, but this does not fix the issue. I have also done a fresh, clean install. What I mean by this is deleting/removing my homebase and both cameras. I have then set the homebase and two cameras up as new. On only the second recording, I experienced the same bug. The motion was activated, I walked into view, it then froze the clip and did not play any further. I then downloaded the clip to my phone, on playback it shows the full working clip. Within the Eufy app, recording is broken.


Same issue, this is the main thing keeping me from adding more of there products to my home. If I have to wait to view a clip that is already being sent to me 4-5 seconds later then when it’s happening by the time I get to view it everything has happened. So can’t yell at someone stealing a package. Will just have a clip to prove it was stolen. Pretty much usless.


I have tested if this was the case, but sadly not. Clips are still frozen, even if I allow them time to save and process, before opening them later.

Absolutely no issues at all with iOS app. I can view the clip immediately and it never freezes. This appears to be an Android specific bug.

They need to be getting this fixed pronto - or I’ll be returning my full setup.


Same issue. Am also in contact with eufy support.

I would like to state that the videos, when downloaded to the phone, do play in the gallery.
So it is just a playback issue, the footage is OK :slight_smile:
Annoying, yes, but luckily the videos are properly recorded

Good to hear I’m clearly not the only one. Hopefully the Eufy development team can get this bug fixed ASAP.
As a work around I am currenlty reviewing recorded clips on my iOS device.

Yup, same issue here. I also created a new topic as I didn’t realize one was already opened for this. Was working fine before the latest firmware upgrade

Base station firmware:
Camera firmware: 2.6.6

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Exactly the same here. In Android app, videos freeze when trying to play them

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Same for me, frozen recording on my cam 2c

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It must be in the Android eufy app then, not the firmware as iOS works fine.
It is ‘just’ a playback issue, no footage is lost.
Annoying, but can be worked around by downloading the video and playing it in your default video player.

I have this same issue… I have tried to wait a while perhaps the video has load correctly but sadly the video is still frozen(only plays 1st second of clip) and only the audio is playing. Happening more often too…

Edit: if you download/ save the video and play it back on the phones media player… it will play properly. I am also on android. Definitely annoying.

I am so glad this isn’t just my cameras or app. I just installed my new Eufy HomeBase & 2 cameras literally 2 days ago. All seemed fine til last night. Several times I am getting notifications that there is/was motion detected but the video freezes after 1 or 2 seconds! Very frustrating since the whole reason I got these cameras is because a mean neighbor keeps vandalizing my car!

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Cheers guys for all the replies.

Question is, when are Eufy going to comment on this huge flaw?

I’m in touch with the support team, but they don’t seem very keen to get this fixed as a matter of urgency.

We shouldn’t be having to download clips to the device to view them properly. This removes the functionality of quickly knowing what’s going on.

Just wondering if everyone is raising an incident with Eufy or just posting to the community?

Might pressure them more to do something quicker if everyone raised a incident.

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I have contacted them. Their reply (they came back to me very quickly):

Thank you for writing to us.

We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced. As this issue is new to us, could you please tell me a little bit more about the issue? May I ask for a small video showing the issue?

Having a little more information about the situation will help me evaluate and get the issue sorted faster.

Yeah this is the problem. They don’t seem to have awareness of this issue.

Can everyone please raise individual support tickets. We need to show the true extent of the issue!

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I have had this happen twice for me now. The most recent being 1.5 hrs ago… Account 5mins ago when I went out past my cam

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I raised an incident and got the following reply back. Seems they’re working on it… Hopefully

"Thank you for writing to us.

We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced. I had forwarded the issue to our engineers for analysis, and they assume the issue is related to the current firmware and are planning to resolve the issue in the following firmware update as soon as possbile. Would you mind waiting for about 5 to 10 days?

Currently, If the historical video is downloaded from the eufy app to your phone’s album, the video should be played as normal. ”

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I had the same issue. Here’s what I did to resolve it.

If you have the Homebase to connected to the ethernet port and also have the Wi-Fi connection setup as a backup, disconnect the homebase from the Wi-Fi and just connect the base to Ethernet.

It is a bug in the firmware and Eufy needs to update it.

Hope that helps.

Yup #metoo
As someone has already said, you can ‘download’ the clip. But why send me a notification and link to a clip that doesnt play :rofl:.

This is not a fix.
My homebase has only ever been connected purely via Ethernet. No WiFi backup.
I have had the bug with frozen recordings since pretty much initial install.
Still no official word from Eufy. Giving them till next firmware update, if issue is not resolved, then whole Eufy setup is getting returned for the Blink XT2s from Amazon.

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