Eufy cam 2 night vision

I have a question if someone has a good tip or trick for my problem. I recently just bought the eufyCam2 but I have a problem with the night vision. One cam is close to a wall and this makes the night vision to dark. Does someone have a tip or trick to prevent the night vision to correct to dark? I can’t really place the cam further from the wall. I would just like the camera to ignore the wall.

Cams don’t work that way. I wonder if anyone has tried blocking the cam from seeing the thing that’s overexposing the cam. Tape on the lens maybe?

Someone did this with the motion sensor with some success to block vehicles on the road.

I have also problems with night vision in EufyCam 2 pro. It stops working during the night and it cannot be turned on in any way except for removing device and adding again. After that it works for few minutes And then it stops again. Turning night vision on/off manually doesnt work at all. I have the latest firmware in cameras And homebase. It’s very annoying to find that im looking to a total dark screen during the night. Any idea before I go for a refund?