Eufy cam 2 issues/motion detection zone issues/app issues

I sent this to the EUFY support team a couple of days ago and didnt get a reply, so I’ll try here within the community and then maybe reddit.

So I moved to a new home about a month ago. I installed a new Floodlight cam in the driveway, it’s been working perfectly, too perfect as it picks up every passing car. This is a separate issue for another time, maybe. (is there a fix for this?)

On to my most critical problem.

I installed 1 of the EUFY CAM 2 right next to the floodlight facing almost the opposite direction so that I can catch people walking on the sidewalk from each direction.

I’ve attached a rough drawing of how both the FLOODLIGHT and EUFY CAM 2 are facing out towards the sidewalk.

The floodlight does an amazing job catching the people coming in from the left side, right as soon as they come out from behind the tree, but as soon as they exit and cross the path of the EUFY CAM 2 left to right, it rarely picks up the motion detection. When the people are coming from the right side of the sidewalk into the path of the CAM 2, it will rarely pickup that motion detection. Maybe like 10-15% of the time when there are people on that upper right side of the sidewalk.

When it does pickup the motion detection from the people coming in on the left side, I only get about 8 seconds of recording, when they are clearly still in the frame walking down the sidewalk towards the right. I’ve even tried the customized setting for up the 60 seconds of recording, and still only get 8-9 seconds. I have the trigger setting on the highest 7. (Edit, I’ve been able to get up to a minute of the people walking away down the sidewalk by clicking off “end clip early if motion stops” in the custom recording setting.

I’ve attached a picture of the activity zones that I had setup. I tried using one big zone, filled the entire screen, nothing. And I tried using 3 zones thinking maybe it will help, and nothing.

The EUFY CAM 2 is setup about 9-10ft high and the only thing that I haven’t done is measure the distance going straight out from the camera to the sidewalk, I’ll do that today.

I couldn’t imagine it being more than 30ft though.

I’ve attached a couple of videos below where you can see how the camera is only detecting me when I hit the side zones.

When I’m directly in front of the camera, it doesn’t detect me at all. I find this very strange and I think this is why I’m not getting any detection when people are crossing from right to left on the sidewalk, only when they hit the left corner zone or right corner zone, like when people are leaving the house down that little path to the side walk, and even then that doesnt get picked up half the time.

Sometimes I’m only about 10ft in front of the camera and it doesn’t detect me.

I’ve also been getting this white flash of light at about 1-2 seconds into the recording, like the camera is adjusting, and so that’s been annoying as well.

I’ve tried switching between both my EUFY 2 cameras and I’m getting the same issues with both.

Not very happy.

My wife is also not very happy, you know the sane, happy wife, happy life! lol

I want to believe in you EUFY and I have plans to keep adding cameras.

Let me know if you can see the YouTube videos ok.

Thank you!


Trying to trigger motion detection from sidewalk directly out in front of the camera and only sides trigger.

Tring to trigger motion detection standing more inwards from the sidewalk and nothing. Only when I hit the side of it.


This one is tough as things look setup well with the cam2. When I had issues with detection if I raised the camera angle it helped as the detection area is lower in the field of view. Yours “looks” good, but you may try changing that angle.

The recording problem is just not right. I have my cam2 (3 of them) set to record 16 seconds even if there is no more motion and I always get 16 second clips. On this one I would be trying to remove it from the homebase and add it back. I have a theory about removing devices and adding them back but have not tested. I would remove the device from within the app and restart the homebase before adding it back. I don’t know if the restart makes a difference, but I’m getting ready to test it myself. Good luck. Maybe someone else will have some ideas.

Thank you jmiller for the feedback!


I was able to lower the mounting position about 5 inches thus allowing me to level the camera view. This helped a little but still was not picking up enough motion activity when you stand directly in front of it.
Funny thing enough is I changed the detection setting to “all motion” and now its capturing all the cars that are driving by, thats much further then people walking on the sidewalk lol. Now it’s doing a better job at capturing motion from people walking on the sidewalk but my battery is taking a hit. Still going to play with the settings and, possible reboot. Also going to mess around with putting tape on the top sensor, this seemed to have helped with my floodlight cam, as now it doesn’t capture the cars driving by like it was.

Good deal. It would be nice if they worked on these as much as we do :slight_smile: